Moisturizing Body Oil

by Mother Dirt

86 reviews
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Postbiotic Moisturizing Body Oil
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Moisturizing Body Oil

by Mother Dirt

86 reviews
$27.19 $33.99
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What Makes It Mighty?

  • squalene, almond & apricot oils soften skin and absorb quickly without greasiness
  • postbiotics help protect and fortify the skin's microbiome
  • easy-to-apply spray nozzle, refreshing lemongrass scent

Mother Dirt Moisturizing Body Oil intensely moisturizes and softens skin for a radiant glow with a subtle lemongrass scent. Nourishing ingredients like squalane, almond oil and apricot kernel oil are fast-absorbing and replenish, repair and soothe dry skin while helping to lock in moisture without feeling greasy or heavy. A powerful blend of postbiotics helps restore your microbiome and fortify your skin barrier.

  • Lightweight moisturizing body oil
  • Lemongrass oil adds a refreshing natural scent
  • Waterless formlua with a convenient misting spray top
  • For all skin types - dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin
  • Free from sulfates, parabens, dyes, and synthetic fragrance
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested

Size:  3.4 fl oz

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Use and care:

Spray onto clean skin and massage gently until absorbed. Prep skin with Mother Dirt Revitalizing Body Wash.

Where is it made?
Is it vegan?
Why yes it is!
this product scores 1

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 1

Primarily plastic and recyclable

How is it packaged?
Plastic bottle with spray nozzle & cap, plastic shrink wrap
End of use:
Recycle bottle, discard wrap with regular waste
this product scores 2
Moisturizing Body Oil
Moisturizing Body Oil

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 2
Has 100% ingredient visibility, includes some synthetic ingredients
Fragrance Ingredients are:
Natural, Nature Identical.
Preservative Ingredients are:
Natural, Nature Identical.

Ingredients Details

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil, Heptyl Undecylenate, Squalane, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Aspergillus Ferment, Saccharomyces Ferment, Tocopherol, Cymbopogon Flexuosus Leaf Oil, Citral, Geraniol, Limonene

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What others are saying

Overall Score

86 reviews
Review by Ana on 10/12
I love this Oil.

I have dry and uncomfortable skin. I spray the oil lightly all over and rub it in, I feel moisturized and am very happy with the product. Also, a bonus knowing it is healthy for my skin.

Review by Christine W. on 10/12
Perfect Product - Not so perfect bottle

I'm so glad you brought this product back, but the new packaging is big step back. The old tube like bottle was really convenient because you spray it from any angle. This new bottle has a very inconvenient sprayer. Otherwise I'm really grateful that this product is still the same amazing sweet almond oil. I love it and can't find any comparable product anywhere else.

Review by Briana V. on 10/12
Smells good, feels good. Use

Smells good, feels good. Use it in addition to the probiotic spray

Review by Hazel G. on 10/12
So far so good

The deodorant is hands down the best natural deodorant I've found in 20 years. It keeps me smelling good, with no white residue!! The body wash is excellent as well. And the body oil after I get out of the shower smells and feels great-- my skin is left super soft and not oily. The only thing the verdict is still out on is the foaming face wash. My skin hasn't quite decided if we're friends yet.

Review by Shannon S. on 10/12
A Must Have!

Great for dry skin. Smells great and goes on like a dream!

Review by Jennifer H. on 10/12
Radiant & clear skin

I use the Mother Dirt complete skin care set, and it has cleared my skin and it glows. I use very little foundation, it's not needed. It's also gentle enough to use on my son's skin--the body wash actually cleared up a couple of water warts he had from the pool.

Review by Anne H. on 10/12

The Body Oil has been fantastic! It is so silky and absorbs beautifully. No more itching on my legs. And no greasy feeling left over.

Review by Nancy G. on 10/12
Amazing. No need to get

Amazing. No need to get a cream for different parts of your body. This one covers all my skin issues including bumpy skin, dryness, itchy and even better because I know it’s keeping my microbiome healthy.

Review by Leann H. on 10/12
Has been super helpful for

Has been super helpful for eczema patches and dry spots during the winter (indoor heat = itchy skin). I use it post-shower, keep my skin happy!

Review by Joseph A. on 10/12

I use this every time I get out of the shower. The smell is not too strong but smells very fresh, and it leaves my skin feeling silky

Review by Michael M. on 10/12
Ok for guys

Ok for guys too.

Review by amber h. on 10/12
Amazing body oil!

The postbiotic body oil is amazing! My skin, especially on my hands, was SO dry and this oil is a life saver! I use it all over and my skin in now so soft and smooth! Love this stuff!

Review by Rachel on 10/12
Moisturizing and fast absorbing

The oil absorbs almost immediately and your skin, already soft and smooth from using the mist, is even softer and more moisturized. The scent is lovely and refreshing.

Review by JJG on 10/12
Surprised how much I liked it

I don’t normally use an oil for moisturizing so this was a pleasant surprise. My skin is sensitive to most everything and is oily so I am limited in product choices. Also, I live in a high humidity climate. Despite all this, my skin was not greasy after applying this oil, no awkward sheen, and had no negative reactions. Oh ya, and it moisturized beautifully with a great natural scent.

Review by Mark on 10/12
Great smell, moisturizes great after shaving

Two good slaps of the oil after shaving and my face feels great and I the smell is not strong but very fresh.

Review by Zach on 10/12
Beta tester

I was a beta tester for this product last year and enjoyed it very much. It’s less viscous than the moisturizer and has a very pleasant smell. My wife complimented my scent after using it :). I used it in the shower and bath, and am excited this product is on market now.

Review by theyogilmhc on 10/12
The best most perfect body oil that ever did exist - it actually absorbs!! Praise be.

I would expect nothing less from Mother Dirt, the best company everrrrrr!!! (I swear by all of their products!)

This body oil is what I've been waiting for my whole life - an oil that isn't slimy, sticky, or weirdly scented. It's perfection!! It slides on silky-smooth, absorbs quickly, and leaves my skin hydrated without being slippery or sticky. It cures my scaly dry patches (thanks, Boston winters) and leaves me with a wonderful, calming scent that smells like a day at the spa.

Review by Lisa K. on 10/12
A non-greasy oil

This body oil is light and smooth. It glides on well and absorbs quickly. Best of all, it does not stain my clothes or pajamas.

Review by Julia M. on 10/12
Body Oil is Awesome

LOVE this - nice light scent and absorbs quickly. I love making my skin healthier.

Review by Bryanna J. on 10/12
Great product

I really like this product. It smells great, hydrates my skin, and dries without feeling greasy.

Review by Aurora P. on 10/12
Strong lemongrass and not overly

Strong lemongrass and not overly oily. It is absorbed by skin quickly and keeps my skin smooth and slightly glowy!

Review by Sarah S. on 10/12
Fast absorbing

Great product with a fresh scent

Review by Lynn F. on 10/12
what a great company

I love all their products.. especially now with the new containers..

Review by Muriel G. on 10/12
Try it and love it

What a great idea to use probiotics as a beauty product. I use it on a daily basics and my skin definitely loves it. It's a must have !

Review by Marga P. on 10/12
Good Stuff!

The body oil is GREAT! Not greasy, and goes right into the skin.
The facial cleanser is also GREAT!
Tried the shampoo once so far (I don't shampoo often), and found it to be a bit drying, but I'm sure you're coming out with a conditioner, so I won't worry about it.
Love your products!

Review by S. on 10/12
More like this, please!

I was very excited about Mother Dirt's first scented product, and I wasn't disappointed! It smells great and does a nice job of moisturizing. I'd love it if they came out with additional scents to provide variety.

Review by Sasha B. on 10/12
I love this!

As soon as I got the notification that MD was releasing a Body Oil, I couldn't wait to try it. And I have not been disappointed! I have been using it on my body and face and it's great. Especially now in the hot weather; it moisturizes just right when you still need some moisturizer, but don't want or need anything heavy. And my husband even commented that my skin looks great! I wash my face at night with the MD soap, moisturize with a small spritz of the Body Oil and then top it off with a nice cool spray of AO mist. Then a spritz of AO mist in the morning, and I'm good to go! It's also great for body moisturizing right out of the shower, absorbs quickly, smells nice and you don't need a lot. All in all, definitely try it out!

Review by Cynthia H. on 10/12
Rich emollient oil without occlusive

Rich emollient oil without occlusive properties that eventually trigger itching. Highly recommend

Review by Kara D. on 10/12
Fast absorbing

Love it

Review by Linda S. on 10/12

I love this body oil. It's lovely and moisturizing without leaving that heavy oily residue that other body oils leave. A little bit goes a long way. I feel like my skin is glowing. The spray bottle gets slippery which means it can take some skill to aim. It has a light lemon scent which I really like. I will definitely be re-ordering.

Review by Connie S. on 10/12
best oil

This is a soothing, wonderful oil that absorbs quickly into the skin. I love it and know that it is doing my skin a big favor!

Review by Sheryl M. on 10/12
Body Oil

This oil is very easy to use since it is spray on.
It also absorbs very quickly and you never feel oily after using it

Review by Anna L. on 10/12
Love this stuff’

It’s super moisturising without being heavy and it soaks in nicely. It also smells nice!

Review by alohagirl on 10/12
Best moisturizer ever!

As another reviewer stated, MD's new Body Oil is the moisturizer I've been waiting for all my life! It is well-absorbed into my skin and leaves no slick feeling. As one who is very sensitive to smells, I find the scent to be subtle and quite pleasant. I'm grateful to now have the Body Oil as part of my daily personal care regimen.

Review by Mika R. on 10/12
Great everyday moisturizer

Light weight body oil that moisturizes without being greasy. Great post shower!

Review by Mandi K. on 10/12
Loving this product

I love the way this product makes my skin feel! Keeps my skin from drying out and yet it doesn’t feel greasy. I also love knowing that there are no harsh chemicals, parabens, etc and that it is promoting healthy microbiome for my skin. I actually went into my cupboards and threw out all the other skin creams that I had. This stuff is awesome and I love the light smell of lemongrass! So clean!!!


Review by Christine T. on 10/12

I love the spray application and the product's ability to moisturize my skin for hours after application

Review by Angel B. on 10/12
Love the lightness and lemongrass!

Love this oil. Quick light and great moisturizer!

Review by Shannon H. on 10/12
I love the way this

I love the way this feels and how it absorbs easily. I actually really love the mild fragrance for the body oil but love that the face products aren't scented

Review by Tiffany on 10/12
Love the Body Oil

The body oil spray is amazing. Nice delicate fragrance and the sprayer helps distribute it nicely over the body. A little goes a long way and is quickly absorbed.

Review by Cathi A. on 10/12
Love the Body Oil!

Love this body oil and all the other products! Very satisfied with Mother Dirt!

Review by Stephanie S. on 10/12

I love this stuff! Soaks in well and makes my skin butter soft.

Review by Tereza t. on 10/12
Body oil

Love it.

Review by Meredith G. on 10/12


Review by Heather K. on 10/12
The light citrus smell is

The light citrus smell is refreshing and it helps my skin stay hydrated all day!

Review by Gail D. on 10/12
Wonderfully Light!

The body oil is wonderfully light, much like the moisturizer. Love that it doesn't leave an oily, heavy feeling!

Review by Alexandria C. on 10/12
Great, but pricey

I love this oil, especially now that I moved from the ocean to the dry climate of Denver. A bit pricey for every day use, as a bottle won't last a month, so I now treat myself maybe twice a week.

Review by Susan B. on 10/2
My skin is so soft

My skin is so soft and moisturized without feeling greasy. I live in colorado and my skin is usually dry and constantly flaky. Now it's like I have new skin. Love all of the products.

Review by Dillon M. on 10/1
Postbiotic Moisturizing Body Oil

I really like the way it feels on my skin, the scent is great. It seems to be working very well so far. The only downside is the bottle itself. I wish it could spray even if inverted. When I've tried it just leeks out of the bottle and gets it all oily.

Review by Marc A. on 7/2

I’ve only had the AO Mist for about a month. I haven’t noticed any difference. So I purchased another one, perhaps my opinion will differ the following month on the next review.

Review by Christie S. on 6/7
Silky soft skin

Feels great on my skin. Then my skin is silky soft. No irritation or redness at all on sensitive skin.

Review by MaryAnn B. on 5/1

I really like how this PMBO has worked on my sensitive skin. It’s light,absorbs well,clears away dry skin/bumps on the body & has a fresh subtle scent. I like the Body Wash also - Great Duo!

Review by Jan S. on 7/6
This body oil mist moisturizes

This body oil mist moisturizes my dry legs and arms very nicely for hours—no greasy feel at all. Love it!

Review by Megan S. on 12/6
Can’t live without

Most of the products I’ve received from Mother Dirt have not been a good fit for my dry skin.... but this product I can’t live without! I use a lot, maybe more than the average person, but it has done wonders for my skin which is so soft and rarely dry feeling after using a little more than a month.

Review by Victoria L. on 12/4
Best Body Oil

Love the body oil. It absorbs quickly and is not greasy. Love to put it on my feet at night with a pair of socks then wake up to smooth sandal ready feet!

Review by Hannah T. on 9/4
Smells amazing and the spray

Smells amazing and the spray bottle makes it super easy to apply anywhere

Review by Austin C. on 9/3
Great product with new design

The new style of the moisturizer is awesome. It doesn't leak like the old one used to and still is a good product.

Review by Whitney R. on 8/9
This is my favorite body

This is my favorite body moisturizer hands down. I use it mostly on my legs which have gotten increasingly ashy over the years. I am trying to banish the ashiness for good with the MD shower gel, a loofah and the MD body oil. So far so good!

Review by Melissa F. on 4/10
My skin loves this stuff!

My skin loves this stuff! Thank you for helping my 54 year old skin to glow!

Review by Christine W. on 4/6
Hands down the Best

The sweet almond oil in this stuff is top notch amazing for your skin. It's my "need to look like a million bucks tonight" kinda body lotion. The spray is super convenient for application. It absorbs fast, heals up razor bumps, no overpowering fragrance, actually blends really nicely to your own natural scent. Perfect for right after the shower before your skin gets that "tight/dry" feeling. Seriously, about to order my 3rd bottle.

Review by Lori A. on 4/6
The best product I have

The best product I have ever used for skin

Review by Branden W. on 4/3
Feel fresh

I live in a dry climate area. I apply Body Oil in the morning and spray a bit of AO + Mist next. With the combination, my skin feels great all day long.

Review by Terry T. on 3/6
Wife loves Mother Dirt

Wife loves Mother Dirt

Review by Carol B. on 2/6
This is my favorite product

This is my favorite product it is so nice for the skin and really ‘ made my skin soft and smooth, my pores are smaller and my skin is less dry

Review by David L. on 1/12
It absorbs quickly, softens and

It absorbs quickly, softens and moisturizes my skin, and smells great. What more could you want?

Review by Pamela C. on 1/3
Love it!

I'm so glad to be taking better care of my skin with this all-natural, fresh smelling, easy to dispense body oil.

Review by Christine T. on 12/7
Must have

I love the feel of this moisturizer. I love the spray application. I love everything about this product, especially how I feel after using it.

Review by Steven K. on 11/11
Love it

Love it

Review by Donneca m. on 11/10
Great Products

The results are amazing. I love using MotherDirt line.

Review by Alex T. on 11/6
Soaks in and smells lovely!

Uplifting scent and easy to apply. Soaks in fairly quickly and a great option for summer time!

Review by Pamela T. on 4/8
Absorbs very well.

I don’t feel sticky after using.

Review by Val A. on 1/7
Love the scent and especially

Love the scent and especially the spray function. So much nicer than other body oils.

Review by Katherine M. on 10/12
Very nice

Lemongrass scent is almost imperceptible after awhile, if a little bit odd at first. I have only used it for a few days in summer. I look forward to trying it in winter.

Review by Heather C. on 10/12
Skin is really soft

This body oil functions fantastic and leaves my skin very soft after use. This seems to be the only one of their products with a noticeable fragrance, though, and well... you can't make everyone happy. I would prefer this body oil without the lemongrass scent.

Review by Darica R. on 10/12
Great to use out of shower

Very light oil and a little goes a long way.

Review by Aaron C. on 10/12
skin is getting smoother and smoother and clearer and clearer

helps my skin but the product doesn't last long

Review by Christine on 10/12
Nice gentle smell, very moisturizing

I like this oil, and it does a nice job of moisturizing. Generally for me, I prefer a lotion rather than an oil, so it has take. Some getting used to for me. But, it definitely works well and is very gentle on the skin.

Review by Karen E. on 12/4
No changes yet

I have been using body oil and probiotic spray(AO+ Restorative Mist) . Dry patch on my hands unchanged and hands seem drier. No bad reaction, which is always a plus. I'll give it a bit longer.

Review by Cherie B. on 4/6
Good dirt...

I am happy with the results of the body wash and the oil. The relief and soothing qualities are very profound and effective. Much appreciated and of good benefit. Thanks to all involved.

Review by Penelope D. on 7/10
Great body oil. Absorbs quickly.

Great body oil. Absorbs quickly. Improves the condition of my dry skin. Only px is for scent sensitive people the fragrance is too heavy.

Review by Steven L. on 5/7
Goes on easily and spreads

Goes on easily and spreads well. Very soothing and satisfying.

Review by Jillian C. on 10/12
Doesn’t keep my skin moisturized

Doesn’t keep my skin moisturized for very long but it’s not too heavy which is nice.

Review by Silver L. on 1/5
Ok, but still messy

I have been using this for about a week. I'm a big fan of lemongrass, so I love the scent. I was hoping that this different type of container would make using the oil less messy than other types of containers, but unfortunately it's really no better. And several times I managed to spray the wall or another surface because the sprayer can't be locked in one position and has a tendency to rotate. As for the oil itself, it does the job, but I haven't found it to provide better moisturizing than other body oils, and I can't say it's worth the greater expense.

Review by Megan V. on 10/12
Not Worth Price

The products are ok but definitely not worth the price. You are given a very small amount and none of the ingredients justify the high price tag.

Review by Cassie on 10/12
Please offer without scents/allergens!

I really want to try this, but it has 3 allergens in it: citral, geraniol, and limonene. My skin is super sensitive and cannot tolerate these at all. It would be super great if an unscented version was also offered.

Review by Isaac S. on 2/4
Over priced

It’s an ok body oil but nothing worth $50+?

About Mother Dirt

Mother Dirt’s mission is to restore the skin microbiome, revealing your most biologically balanced and vibrant skin. Using the transformative power of pre- and post-biotics and gentle botanicals, Mother Dirt products work in harmony with your natural microbiome to deep clean without stripping, balance oil production, soothe inflammation, and keep skin glowingly hydrated. Whether you’re acne prone or dry, oily or sensitive, you’ll see the same results - improved clarity and glowing, healthier-looking skin. Welcome to total skin wellness.

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