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Suds Up Dish Brush, Soap Dispensing

by Full Circle

15 reviews


this product scores 3


this product scores 1

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Suds Up Dish Brush, Soap Dispensing

by Full Circle

15 reviews


this product scores 3


this product scores 1

› Expert Ratings Detail

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What Makes It Mighty?

  • tough bristles tackle grease and grime
  • replaceable head
  • dishwasher safe (brush)

This Suds Up soap-dispensing dish brush has a stand-up bamboo handle, a push button for easy soap dispensing, and bristles that are naturally tough and absorbent. The only way to make dish washing easier is to get someone else to do it for you.

  • All-natural bristles absorb and hold soap; recycled bristles provide tough scrubbing action
  • Stand up design provides storage solution and keeps the bristles off your countertop
  • Replaceable brush head reduces waste
  • Bamboo is finished with natural oils to withstand water

Size: 1.97" x 2.36" x 11.14" 

Note: comes with one brush head; spare brush head not included

Use and care:

Fill soap through bottom cap, push button for easy soap dispensing. Brush heads are top rack dishwasher safe.

Where is it made?
this product scores 3

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 3

Package free; primarily compostable except very minor components (e.g. plastic toggles or small stickers)

How is it packaged?
Paper tag
End of use:
Recycle or compost
this product scores 1
Suds Up Dish Brush, Soap Dispensing
Suds Up Dish Brush, Soap Dispensing

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 1
Single use but compostable; reusable but primary functional material is synthetic; post-consumer recycled plastics & bioplastics

Materials Details

Bamboo, natural & recycled bristles, biodegradable Bonterra (a plant-based plastic)

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What others are saying

Overall Score

15 reviews
Review by Stephanie on 2/27
oil lady

I love this brush! I got it in my monthly mighty nest and I am now going to buy some replacement brushes for it. We usually break our store bought brushes, but this has held up well and works like a dream!

Review by Noreen on 7/11
Love this little scrubber! I

Love this little scrubber! I barely takes up any room on the edge of my sink and it looks nice as well. The all-in-one design makes it easy to wash dishes as I use them. No more dishes piled up in the sink!

Review by KELLY on 8/3
Our favorite brush!

We have been using this since last year when we got it as a fix. I only need to buy a 2 pack of brush heads every 2-3 months, they last a while considering this is the main brush we use! I don't like the soap function, since it stands on the handle, when you use it you have to wait for soap to slowly drip down to the handle. We are fine just squirting some soap on the bristles like a regular brush. Also it tips over very easily, it's constantly falling over from the slightest breeze. Even with those cons it still works great and we love it!

Review by D on 5/23

I got this as part of my Mighty Nest shipment. As far as a cleaner, it is great. We have had it for months and I am just replacing the brush. I throw the whole thing in a dishwasher a couple of times a month and haven’t noticed any mold.
But as a soap dispenser, it did not work well. Too much soap came out so I don’t refill it any longer (he seems the missing star).

Review by Emily on 2/27

The soap dispensing part of this brush only works okay. Not a bad product, but not my favorite.

Review by MadORed on 8/3
Works semi well

Received with a mighty fix. We have purchased 2 refills (of 2 brushes each) since the original brush arrived and they have lasted about a couple of months each brush which didn't seem like enough for us. The bamboo handle also started splitting. I like the idea of the refillable brush head so will look at some other companies.

Review by Carrie on 3/1

I was pleasantly surprised to find this brush in my Mighty Fix and was excited to try it. I found the bristles to do a good job of scraping and cleaning and the handle to be comfortable. I even enjoyed the soap squirt function and cut down on the amount of soap used while cleaning dishes.
However, as the neck of the brush bent during use, a small hole developed and leaks soap. I have since emptied the chamber. I will continue to use the scrub head until the brush completely falls apart (I presume this to be inevitable). If the handle lasts beyond the brush head, I doubt I will purchase replacement heads. It was nice to try but I will not purchase a replacement.

Review by JS on 4/9
Broke before the next fix arrived

This would be a wonderful product if the soap dispenser hadn't broken in less than a month of gentle, regular use. I am sad that it stopped working because I really did love it while it lasted!

Review by Jennifer on 4/7
Not a favorite.

Got this in my Mighty Fix. Love the modern look and the idea. But two issues mean that I would never buy this, nor recommend to a friend. #1: the brushes are not durable--they spread out in every direction after just a few days' use--meaning I'd have to replace the brush head constantly. No thank you! #2: Maybe my hand/fingers are just super-weak, but I actually find it painful to depress the soap-dispenser button--so that feature is useless to me. This Fix wasn't for me.

Review by Patti on 2/5
Want to love this

I loved this at first, but the soap dispenser does not work well, or at all. I tried it for some time and even bought replacement heads. Tried to not put in as much soap, tried adding water, but nothing helped. It won't dispense. It shouldn't be this difficult.

Review by Meg on 8/14
Handle gets moldy fast

Received this brush two months ago in my subscriber box. The bamboo handle has started getting mold. It sits on my counter next to kitchen sink, never in standing water. Pretty disappointing.

Review by Andrea B on 2/7
Good idea. . .

but poor execution. On first use I had soap leaking out of the plastic seams of the brush. As others have stated, I'll use as brush only without soap until it wears out.

Review by Rachel S. on 9/27

After only a few weeks of using this product, the bamboo has started to mold! Very odd considering I have never seen this happen to any of my other bamboo kitchen products, even if they are left in a wet sink. The handle is too sensitive to being wet apparently. Not a good choice for my family and we will not be buying replacement heads.

Review by Irene on 6/21
Seems more wasteful than a regular sponge

I received this as my subscription item, and I was disappointed. The whole point of subscribing is so I can buy less, and I feel like this brush is making me buy more of the replacement heads, which makes me throw out the plastic as well. I'd much rather use a natural sponge that is biodegradable. Seems counter to our goal here.

Review by tpmcguirk on 7/7
Terrible product, waste of money

We've had this brush awhile now, and initially I loved it. But that love was short lived. The bristles started to dramatically splay out after just a short period of moderate use. It leaks soap out of all it's crevices, wasting more soap than if i just squirted dish soap directly on the dishes. And now it even squirts soap out of the button on the handle instead of the hole in the brush. This is my second Full Circle scrubbing brush purchase, and I was sorely disappointed with the first as well. I'm not interested in buying a new one of these every 3-4 months. I will definitely be avoiding Full Circle scrubbing products in the future.

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