Ice Pack

Ice Pack
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What makes it Mighty?

  • A non-toxic ice pack made from recycled plastic to help keep your waste-free lunches cool.

Product Details

This non-toxic gel pack comes inside a moisture-resistant cover made from recycled plastic bottles. This sweat-free lunchbox essential is ideal for school lunch bags, keeping baby bottles cold, and handy for boo boos. Pop in the freezer (with cover on), place in your lunchbox, and ice pack will keep your lunch cold for hours. Depending on the environment, cover usually remains moisture free.  

​Size: 4.5" x 6.5" x 1" (each ice pack contains 5.3oz of gel)

Care: Cover is machine washable, air dry

Materials: Cover made from recycled PET #1 plastic bottles. Gel pack made from non-toxic sodium polymer.

Made in China

SKU: KKIcePack

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Overall Score

4 reviews
One of my sons stays for
Review by mhbraun on 1/5
One of my sons stays for

One of my sons stays for lunch at school one day a week and another has multiple food allergies so we frequently bring food on the go for him. It is great to have an ice pack that really doesn't sweat and keeps cold for a long time. Definitely recommend.

Good but could be better
Review by April M. on 6/5
Good but could be better

I really like the idea behind this ice pack. This ice pack is really good in an insulated lunch bag, but only for a few hours. I start work at 7am and by 12pm when I eat my lunch the ice pack for the most part has already defrosted. So any snacks after lunch are usually not kept cold. But again I would chose to use this reusable ice pack, that doesn’t sweat like others.

Pretty sweaty, really.
Review by Carolyn Davis on 8/2
Pretty sweaty, really.

Ordered two of these as an add-on to my MightyFix to use in my boys' lunch bags. Tried them out today and the covers of both of them (used in separate lunch bags) were noticeably sweaty when I was unpacking them at home about 6-7 hours after having packed them. They were still relatively cool, though, so they have that going for them.

Gonna Make You Sweat
Review by Joanna on 8/31
Gonna Make You Sweat

I purchased on hoping for a sweat free icepack - no such luck. My kids told me by lunchtime the pack was soggy on the outside (3hours later)
Plan on returning.

The design is fun and there is a hook on the inside you could hang the cover to dry easily.

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