Compostable Zipper Sandwich Bags

Compostable Zipper Sandwich Bags

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What makes it Mighty?

  • convenient & practical option for for sharing baked goodies, leftovers or foodstuffs when reusables are more difficult to manage
  • commercially compostable PBAT/PLA material breaks down into carbon and water
  • durable enough to rinse and reuse multiple times or simply toss in the compost bin after use

Product Details

Zipper bags are successful for a reason: they work well, they’re convenient, and when you’re done, you just throw them away. But this convenience takes a toll on the environment because plastic bags never break down. Full Circle's 100% compostable Zipper Sandwich Bags are a great lunch companion, delivering sealed-in freshness without the plastic. With a super strong zipper and leak resistant design, the resealable sandwich baggies are made from plant based compostable plastics (PLA and PBAT) that break down into carbon and water. Whatever filling you choose, the food safe, BPA free food storage bags transition effortlessly from fridge to freezer to backpack or lunchbox.

  • Leak resistant, resealable, fridge and freezer safe
  • Made with plants (PLA & PBAT) that break down into carbon and water
  • Meets internationally-recognized standards to safely biodegrade in municipal or commercial composting facilities
  • Perfect for travel and home organization, too
  • Plastic-free packaging

Size: 6.5" x 5.9" | 25 bags per box

Made in China

SKU: FG21803

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