Reusable Food-Safe Bags & Wraps Gift Box

Reusable Food-Safe Bags & Wraps Gift Box

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What makes it Mighty?

  • A complete solution for replacing disposable bags & cling wrap in the kitchen
  • A variety of materials, sizes, & styles suit multiple long & short term food storage needs
  • A handpicked selection of our favorite essentials to encourage sustainability

Product Details

Plastic wrap, foil and disposable baggies are traditional go-to’s for saving leftovers, small bites and short-term perishables, but their convenience comes at a heavy cost to the environment and your family's health. At Mighty Nest, we have found a better way. This gift box features an array of innovative products that keep food wrapped, fresh & free of toxins with sustainable and endlessly reusable solutions!

Lunchskins Gallon Zip Bag — With it’s large capacity, this lined fabric bag is perfect for storing your fruits and vegetables in the fridge or holding bagels, muffins and other baked goods.

Stasher Half Gallon Silicone Storage Bag — Made of leak-proof silicone and big enough for marinating two strip steaks, or holding all your chopped smoothie ingredients. 

Bee’s Wrap, Assorted 3 Pack — Wrap odd pieces bread, cheese and vegetables, or cover a bowl with these beeswax infused muslin wraps that can be molded into handy shapes. 

Food Huggers, Set of 5 — Preserve cut produce with these slip on silicone covers. With this five piece set, you're covered from grapefruits to limes and all cut fruits and veggie sizes in between!

8” Cotton Bowl Cover — This handmade cotton cover with an elastic edge fits securely over your bowls to provide short-term, breathable food storage. 

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