Bottle Cleaning Brush

What makes it Mighty?

  • Extends the life of stainless steel bottles
  • Combination of bristle textures for scouring and polishing
  • Slim design fits inside narrow mouth openings

Extend the life of your reusable stainless steel bottles when you use this slim and flexible brush for thorough yet gentle daily cleaning. The soft tip and durable scrubbing bristles reach hard-to-clean bottle interiors. U-Konserve offers non-toxic, safe products that are tested by CPSIA-accredited independent labs to ensure that they are free of BPA, phthalates and lead.

Size: 13” long,  2” bristle width

Use and care:

Brush is dishwasher safe

Where is it made?
this product scores 3

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 3

Package free; primarily compostable except very minor components (e.g. plastic toggles or small stickers)

How is it packaged?
Paper box
End of use:
Recycle or compost
this product scores 2
Bottle Cleaning Brush
Bottle Cleaning Brush

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 2
Reusable and primary material is silicone or plastic-free, may have functional parts (e.g. lids) made from plastics or synthetic materials

Materials Details

Stainless steel handle, nylon bristles, cotton tip

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Overall Score

4 reviews
Want to love it…
Review by Rachel on 1/8
Want to love it…

But it’s too big for cleaning around the tops of the bottles and I’m afraid I’ll break it. I mean I love the design but if there was a slimmer one that was heavy duty I’d love it!

Review by Ohio Farmwife on 2/7

While I like the narrowness of this brush, I'm giving it only 4 stars because I think the handle needs to be sturdier.

Review by Sadie on 4/16

I commend you for a thoughtful choice for the latest MightyFix sub pick. However, I have to agree with others' input: it just doesn't have the oomph needed to truly clean/scrub out bottles. I use one that is all wooden handle with natural bristles at its end. It's narrow enough and has the substance to get the bottles clean. We need something like this.

A for effort: C for final review. TQ!

not really useful
Review by Denise on 3/28
not really useful

The brush is slim and fits almost anywhere, but it flexes so much and the tip is so soft that you can't really use it to scrub meaningfully.

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