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Glass Food Storage

Glass Food Storage

Glass Food Storage

Let's replace foggy plastic storage tubs.

Food forecast: not cloudy! Glass containers are clearly a better way to safely store food and leftovers. No leaching toxins and you can always see exactly what is in the refrigerator. Enjoy food fresh and prevent the food waste that happens with opaque containers full of mysterious moldy messes.

keep your food in the clear

Lys Square Glass Food Storage
Outfit your kitchen with a variety of container sizes ranging from as small as 5 ounces to as large as 109 ounces.  Make overnight marinades, portion out tomorrow's lunch, or keep fresh chopped herbs on hand for convenient garnishes.
Lys Rectangular Bowl with Lid, 13-ounce
This slim profile rectangular container with a leakproof lid is great for bringing lunch portions in a to-go bag or purse.  Easily fits a small salmon filet, cucumbers & hummus, or apples & nut butter. 
TrueSeal Glass Food Storage Set with Mineral Blue Lid (Set of 3)
This set of 3 tempered glass, oven-safe bowls are great for bake and store convenience.  2 cup, 4 cup, & 7 cup sizes are perfect for reheating overnight oats or mashed potatoes, baking fruit cobblers or egg stratas, or bringing & serving potluck dips and salads. 
Tall Glass Kitchen Storage Containers
The unique shape of this container lends well to storing soups & stews, hearty marinaras, bean salads, or homemade ice cream.  Made from oven safe tempered glass, it also freezes nicely (just leave room for expansion). 
Round Glass Bowls with Bamboo Lid
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These gorgeous bowls are completely plastic free, featuring natural bamboo lids. Great for serving, storing and sharing pot-luck favorites.
Rectangle Glass Containers with Bamboo Lid
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Completely plastic free, the bamboo lids make a great surface for stacking multiples in the refrigerator. Today's leftovers are ready to tote for tomorrow's lunch!
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Why We Love Glass Storage Containers

Tempered glass is non-toxic, recyclable and food-safe even in the freezer and microwave. It keeps food fresh & clean and clearly reveals what’s inside (goodbye random rot & stained plastic tubs). These compact lightweight containers and easy-seal lids make it so easy to store food in a more sustainable way.

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