Fresh Start Green Cleaning Gift Box

by MightyNest

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Fresh Start Green Cleaning Gift Box
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Fresh Start Green Cleaning Gift Box

by MightyNest

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What Makes It Mighty?

  • replace synthetic cleaning tools with compostable & biodegradable options
  • reduce dependence on disposable paper towels
  • upgrade your cleaning routine with a handpicked selection of our favorite essentials

Your cleaning routine is about to get Mightier with this hand-picked selection of healthy and safe cleaning products & tools intended to make your home mighty!  Included in this box you will find products to:

  • Eliminate the need for disposable paper towels
  • Replace conventional cleaning solutions with non-toxic effective alternatives
  • Dry laundry without disposable dryer sheets or synthetic fragrances

Green Cleaning Fresh Start box includes our favorite cleaning essentials:

1. Glass Spray Bottle & All-Purpose Cleaner
Soap tablets are just 4 simple ingredients. Fill bottle with warm water and shake well to dissolve. 
Add lemon essential oil for zesty freshness or thyme for an anti-bacterial spray. 
2. Window e-cloth
Streak-free surfaces without toxic sprays or disposable towels.
High-quality microfiber removes dirt, oil, grime, and 99% of bacteria. 
3. Dryer Balls
100% unbleached sheep’s wool dryer balls last for 1,000 loads.
They reduce drying times by up to 25%. Just toss them in your dryer!
4. Tidy Dish Cloths
Reduce your paper towel usage by 45 lbs each year.
Organic cotton cloths can be used for dishes, hands, spills, & surfaces.
5. Swedish Dish Cloths
Made from plant cellulose & cotton, compostable. Perfect for wiping countertops with a streak-free finish. 
Machine washable or top rack dishwasher safe. Air dry only.
6. Spaghetti Scrub
Abrasive sponge replacement made from peach pits & 100% cotton, compostable.
Won't scratch surfaces. Lasts up to 6 months, fast-drying, mold & bacteria resistant.

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