Apple Season
Apple Season

Apple Season

Enjoy fall's favorite fruit in all of its different forms with these non-toxic kitchen tools.

Apple Sauce
Preserve fall's harvest with homemade applesauce using the finest canning tools and a cheerful all-in-one apple peeler, slicer, corer.
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Super Terrine Canning Jars by Le Parfait
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4th Burner Pot, 12 Cup by Kuhn Rikon
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Apple Muffins
Apple muffins are delightfully sweet & moist and can be spiced with your choice of nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, or ginger. Fill up on spices in the bulk aisle with reusable spice jars!
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Apple Tarts
Chill dough in waxed cloth instead of plastic wrap and bake Rustic Apple Tarts on a pure stainless steel baking sheet with non-stick, unbleached parchment paper.
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Bee's Wrap, Sets of 3 by Bee's Wrap
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Apple & Arugula Grilled Cheese
Autumn-ize a classic grilled cheese with tangy apple slices & spicy arugula. Grill to crusty golden perfection in a cast iron skillet & drizzle with immune boosting Manuka honey. Take it to-go in a reusable sandwich bag!
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Bamboo Cutting Board by bambu
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Apple Picking & Prepping
Pick your peck in a reusable bag, cover apple halves with reusable silicone Food Huggers, and clean up the kitchen with Swedish Dishcloths in fabulous fall designs.
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Produce Wash, 16oz by Better Life
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Organic Cotton String Tote by EcoBags
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